Apostille Transcript – High School, College, University

Diploma ApostilleEvery month, several hundred students contact our offices inquiring on how to obtain an apostille on their school transcripts.   If you attended a High School, College, University, or a trade school in the USA, we can apostille your documents quickly saving you time and money.  You don’t even need to be in the USA!

If you plan to work or continue your education in another country, you will be asked to obtain an apostille on your documents.  The company or institution requesting your documents will require proof that your documents are valid.  In order to prove the legitimacy of your documents, the school’s registrar must have his/her signature notarized attesting to the authenticity of your documents.

The first step is to contact your school’s registrar.  You will need to inform the official there that you need an apostille on your documents.  If the school does not have a notary on campus, you will need to request a traveling notary drive to the campus and meet with official.  Once your documents have been notarized, you can then have them delivered to our office for processing.

Note: Your documents must be apostilled from the State that your school is located in.  For example, if you attended UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles), your documents must first be notarized in California.  Once notarized, your documents then qualify to receive a California Apostille.

Some unethical apostille service providers will attempt to sway your good judgement and recommend to have your document apostilled in another state.  This type of behavior is unethical.  Always make sure your documents are processed from the State they originate from.

California diploma = California Apostille
New York transcript = New York Apostille
New Jersey school letter = New Jersey Apostille

No exceptions!!!  We can apostille your documents from all 50 States.

International Apostille Services has nine offices throughout the United States.  Once we receive your documents, we will process them from the State they are issued and notarized from.  In some States, we can apostille your documents in one business days.  We recommend that you contact us so we can provide you a good faith estimate in cost and processing time.

International Apostille Order Form PDF SmallClick to download our International Apostille Order Form. Our Apostille service is fast, convenient, and saves you time and money.

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