Apostille Translation of Documents

Are your documents written in a foreign language and need an apostille?  The most common foreign documents (written in another language) we apostille are Power of Attorney documents, Contracts, Authorization of Agent and Affidavits.  In most States, you can notarize a document written in a foreign as long as the notarial wording is written in English and notarized in accordance with State law.

Vital record documents (birth, death, marriage) and documents issued by the Court, County, or State will need to be apostilled and then translated.  We cannot apostille the translation of these documents.  Another words, the document must be apostilled in English and in it’s original form.  Also, we cannot apostille documents issued in another country and translated to English.

In some States, documents written in a foreign language will require a certified translation to English (Highlighted in Green).  Some of these states may request that the translation to also be notarized in the same-state.

Apostille Translation


Does Your Document
(Written in Foreign Language)
Require Translation to English?  If Yes, be sure to find a certified translator.

Does the Translation Requires Notarization?
If Yes, must be notarized in the same-state.

Alabama Yes Yes
Alaska No  No
Arizona No  No
Arkansas Yes Yes
California No  No
Colorado No  No
Connecticut No  No
Delaware Yes Yes
Florida No  No
Georgia Yes Yes
Hawaii* Yes Yes
Idaho No No
Illinois No No
Indiana No  No
Iowa No  No
Kansas No  No
Kentucky* No  No
Louisiana No  No
Maine No  No
Maryland* No  No
Massachusetts No  No
Michigan No  No
Minnesota No  No
Mississippi No  No
Missouri No  No
Montana No  No
Nebraska No  No
Nevada No  No
New Hampshire No  No
New Jersey  No  No
New Mexico  No  No
New York*  No  No
North Carolina  Yes Yes
North Dakota  Yes  Yes
Ohio  No  No
Oklahoma  Yes  No
Oregon  No  No
Pennsylvania  No  No
Rhode Island  No  No
South Carolina  Yes  Yes
South Dakota  No  No
Tennessee*  No  No
Texas  No  No
U.S. Department of State* Yes No
Utah  No  No
Vermont  No  No
Virginia  No  No
Washington State  No  No
Washington, D.C.
Secretary of D.C.
 No  No
West Virginia  No  No
Wisconsin  No  No
Wyoming No No


Need a certified translator?  Visit this link: http://www.internationalapostille.com/certified-translator/

* The following States require county or court authentication for notarized documents before the State will attach the Apostille: Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, and Tennessee.

Documents from the following States have additional requirements:
Hawaii – Notary’s seal and signature must be authenticated by the District Court
Kentucky – County Clerk must certify the notaries seal and signature
Maryland – Notary’s seal and signature must be certified by the Circuit Court/County Clerk.
North Dakota – The notary must translate and notarize both documents
South Dakota  – State needs to know the language and type of document

Note: The information contained on this page is as accurate as possible.  Last Updated: October 2015

The U.S. Department of State requests all documents that are in a foreign language must be accompanied with a certified English translation.

If you need to find a certified translator, we recommend visiting the American Translator’s Association website.