Apostille Death Certificate

Apostille Death CertificateDo you need an apostille on a Death Certificate?

At International Apostille Services, Inc., we take the guesswork out of getting an apostille on your documents.  We can apostille death certificates issued from all 50 US States including the District of Colombia (Washington, D.C.)  If you have a death certificate issued from another country, please contact someone in the other country for assistance.  We can only assist you with documents originating from the USA and for another country.

Because of the unique requirements of each US State, we recommend that you mail in the death certificate to our office for processing.  Please note that we have nine offices throughout the United States and each office caters to a handful of States.  It’s important to mail in your document to the correct office in order to avoid any delays or additional costs.  Once we receive your document, we will review it and contact the State office for verification.  If the State office rejects your documents, we will contact you with instructions.

Common reasons why you will need an apostille on a death certificate:
1. Transfer of assets
2. Selling a property
3. Registering the death in another country other than the USA.
4. Bank accounts

A Death Certificate is generally requested when the family requests to settle the estate of the deceased in another country.  If the requesting country is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, you will be required to provide a Death Certificate with an Apostille. The Apostille helps authenticate the document for acceptance in the other country.  Be sure to check the death certificate for accuracy before mailing in the document to our office.

Death Certificates issued by a State must be authenticated from the same State. For example, if the person passed away in the State of California, the California Death Certificate must receive the apostille from the California Secretary of State. There is no exception to this rule.  Please be careful of companies who want to process the certificate from a State other than the one that issued the document.

Not all death certificates issued from the State can be processed from the State.  For example, in the State of California, a death certificate can only be apostilled if the certificate is issued by the State Registrar or County Clerk’s office.  Some States will not apostille the certificate if it’s more than 12 months old while others require the certificate to be no more than six years old.

The very first step is to contact our office.  Our trained and knowledgeable staff are available Monday – Saturday from 8am to 7pm to answer your questions and provide you easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Obtaining an apostille can be complicated. Don’t leave this process to untrained employees or non-professionals who do not fully understand the Apostille process and the unique requirements of certain countries. Your paperwork could be rejected costing you time and money. Don’t let this happen to you!

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