Cuba Embassy Legalizaton

Cuba Document Attestation CertificationDo you need your documents certified and legalized for the country of Cuba?

Certifying and legalizing documents for Cuba is a multi-step process which involves the State, US Department of state, and the Cuban Embassy.

Each document you need certified and legalized for Cuba must be accompanied by a certified Spanish translation.  This translation must also be notarized in the same state your document is originating from.  For example, if you need your Texas birth certificate certified for Cuba, you will need to first mail in your birth certificate with a certified and notarized Spanish translation.  The Spanish translation does not need to be certified by the State but, it will be bounded together by the U.S. Department of State.

The second step is to have your State certified document and the accompanying notarized Spanish translation certified by the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC.  Both the State certified document and the Spanish translation will be bounded together.  The processing time with the US Department of State is four business days.

The third and final step involves completing the legalization process with the Cuban Embassy.  The Cuban Embassy will request the English the Spanish translation to be legalized by the Embassy.  Currently, the cost for each legalization is $140 plus $20 to cover the third party fee.  Another words, the Cuban Embassy fee alone is $300 for each document.

Please, contact us so we can provide you a good faith estimate and processing time.  1-888-810-4054.  Thank you.

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